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Structure window


With the Structure tool window you can manipulate the molecular orbitals diagrams i.e. add, remove, hide/show, and exchange the diagrams.
It is very useful when the document consists of several ones.


To show the Structure window click menu Window --> Structure.
Open or create a document with multiple molecular orbitals diagrams; 
In the Structure window you will see a list of the diagrams, you can manipulate them:
  • to hide a diagram, uncheck it from the list of diagrams;
  • to remove a diagram click the icon at the bottom of the window;
  • to move a diagram to the left/right click the icon or the icon;
  • to get information about the selected (in the list) diagram click the icon;
  • to rename the selected diagram click the icon and type a new name

By clicking Bas button it is possible to export basis set (and geometry) to the input for Gaussian, GAMESS and Q-Chem programs:

Export basis set to Gaussian, GAMESS or Q-Chem format

Use the menu item Edit ---> Undo/Redo (or shortcut Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y) to undo/redo the actions (except rename action).