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Addition of calculation to the document

Chemissian allows analyzing results of several calculation outputs at the same time:
  • You can analyze molecular orbitals diagrams in a single energy scale
  • If the opened files contain data on UV-spectra then in the Analyze spectrum window all available spectra will be presented on the same plot is the single energy scale which is convenient for comparison:
  • e.g. in the case when you are analyzing changes in the spectrum caused by the presence of different solvents
  • You can analyze difference ("deformation') electronic densities (and other linear combinations of electronic densities and molecular orbitals) with Analyze electronic density tool

To add new calculation data (output file) click the menu item File->Add a new diagram and select one or several files. 
The latter will be added to the current active document;
With Structure tool window you can manipulate the molecular orbitals diagrams i.e. add, remove, hide/show, exchange the diagrams.